Black: No cream, sugar, or boobs, thanks.

Okay, I’m not usually prone to just posting random things, as I usually have something I want to say here.  That’s slowly changing.  Also, my conservatism rears its head rarely in a public forum, but that’s changing, too, as I watch the world slowly go fucking crazy around me.

Today’s case in point: THE TOPLESS COFFEE SHOP.

Okay, you know what?  When it comes to sex and relationships and what people do in the privacy of their own house, I could not care less.  But this?  This is weird and sad.  When I go get coffee, I don’t look for a stripper pole near the kiosk featuring Splenda and Coffeemate.  I don’t want to, furthermore.  And some would say, well, why bother even commenting on this?  Why not just let them serve coffee and make $100 tips? 

Because at some point, I think someone has to stand up for personal dignity.  I’m not judging those who choose to strip in order to make ends meet.  What I am questioning is a society that considers the exploitation of one’s own sexuality okay in the first place.  The common argument in situations like this is that by doing it, one is in control.   I say bullshit.  If you’re responding to the whim and desire of other people, the latte/stripper pole ball is no longer in your court.  The guy who works at this place who sees no issue with modeling his spandex for an espresso-chugging patron is no different than a stripper who sees no issue with going that extra mile for a lap-dance customer and venturing into blowjob territory.   This, in my mind, is a sad, sad example of what people are willing to do for money and what we’re willing to allow them to do without crying foul.   It’s taking advantage of the desperation people are feeling toward employment and the economy right now, and the people who started this should be ashamed of their endeavor. 

In other news, Catherine and I steam-cleaned the carpets this weekend.  Isn’t Stanley Steemer hiring?  Somewhere?  In a place where you’re allowed to leave your clothes on?


~ by thismarriedguy on March 1, 2009.

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