Enter: Wilbur…and…my drunken fans?

Sorry for the extended break.  Things got crazy.

This weekend, Catherine and I got a cocker spaniel puppy.  There will be much, much more on this in the coming…rest-of-our-lives, but for now, just know that his name is Wilbur, we’ve had him barely twenty-four hours and he’s already got forty thousand chew toys, he’s got a puppy-sized Cubs jersey on order so that he can properly represent, and he’s maybe the most adorable animal I’ve ever seen.

In other news, my blog was recently discovered by someone searching for the term “shhhteve.” 

In case you’re not aware of how randomly stupid this is, I wrote a blog a while back in which a drunken man slurred a conversation with his fictional buddy, whom I called shhhhteve, the idea being that if you read this out loud, you’d sound drunk, and it would be funny, and…anyway – what the fuck?  What would make someone search for this?   I mean, I’m glad this person found me, but…I have to wonder what drunken evening ends with someone searching on the Internet for people using the same drunken voice in his or her head that he or she is talking with as a result of being drunk?  It’s one thing to sound hammered, babbling strangely or mispronouncing things.  It’s another thing entirely for this drooling voice to become the voice in your head that dictates your use of language.  That’s dedication, my dear sot.  Maybe this person should have been searching for rehabilitashhhun instead of good ol’ Shhhhteve.

But, readership.  It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks – Catherine and I both have birthdays rapidly approaching, our first anniversary, Cubs games, bed-and-breakfast excursions, and more shenanigans with Wilbur the Flop-Eared.  Stay tuned.

P.S. I realize that I didn’t post a playlist for last weekend.  So in keeping with the honesty of what I’m actually listening to, go download Metallica’s 1989 Seattle show from the boxed set.  At some point, I might tell the tale of my first Metallica show and its impact on my tender, headbanging soul.  But that’s a story for another night, Shhhteves. 

Sleep on your stomachs.


~ by thismarriedguy on April 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Enter: Wilbur…and…my drunken fans?”

  1. There are a few bed and breakfasts in my neck of the woods, and a little closer to Peoria there is a winery. You should come check em out…

  2. Your blog cracks me up and, as I told Catherine, my life revolves around the activities of others. Therefore, your blog has become essential to my well-being. I have given you a HUGE charge: sally forth and AMUSE me!

  3. Haha – oddly enough, “Sally Forth” was my nickname my freshman year of college. Whew. Crazy times.

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