Urban Crime & Personal Holidays

Sorry for the hiatus.  We’re back to regularly scheduled programming.

There’s a good reason for my brief period of absence: I’m finishing a new novel.  Not The Catalyst.  Another one.

To be fair, it was half done already, and it’s short.

But, yeah.  As an homage to the hard-boiled crime novels and thrillers I’ve always loved, and in honor of the way this shit used to work, I’ve given myself a deadline of two weeks to finish the writing and editing.   What’s scary is that it’s working – I’m within days of being finished.  I’m also working on another long piece about my teenage years and my deep abiding love for hair metal.  It’s the only piece of honest nonfiction I’ve ever written, and I sat down to tinker with it after reading Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City. It started to take on a life of its own, and I’m pretty happy with it.  I very well may dedicate a separate blog to it.  Stay tuned.

In other news, Catherine and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary in less than two weeks.  I can’t believe this. It’s kinda disturbing, honestly – it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year at all.  I hope the rest of them don’t speed by like this.  Two weeks ago we spent the night at a great B&B in Wauconda, Illinois called the Old Victorian Farmhouse (www.oldvictorianfarmhouse.com) that seriously deserves your attention.  The rooms were amazing and the whole place exemplified what Catherine and I love about smaller towns.  When we eventually move, we’re hardcore downsizing.   We followed that up by spending the day in Long Grove, Illinois, which was equally great.  We needed a quickie vacation in a big way, because…

…we also put an offer down on a house!  Which we’ll hopefully hear back on ASAP.  We’re not talking about that right now.  I refuse to jinx it.  We’ve been as stressed as we’ve been excited.  The house-ownership thing is exhausting even before you move in.  Sigh.

But one day at a time.  Right now, I have an urban crime-scape to deal with.

And…Traci Lords just appeared on “Will & Grace”…am I asleep?  What the hell is going on?


~ by thismarriedguy on May 5, 2009.

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